Why choose a Firestick & not a droid box?

Durability & Reliability

Most droid boxes are generic, low to medium grade and usually are problem prone. They may work fine at first but soon start experiencing  function issues and WiFi connection problems.

The AMAZON Firestick is an extremely durable and reliable device. Will work for years without any major issues and always connects well with WiFi.

Small size, very portable

Under 4″ in length ! Fits neatly in your Tv’s HDMI port. Easy to take on the go

A Powerful little device

Quad core processor and lots of storage space, the Firestick is fast and ready to accommodate many apps and programs in a very  user friendly format

Made by a brand you know and trust

Ever wonder who makes droid boxes? Your guess is as good as mine! Most likely some no name Company based in China. However I’m sure just about every Trinidadian knows who Amazon is. The quality and years of standards and experience clearly shows in this great little device .